Sunday, February 8, 2015

More Robots and Whatnot

Learning quickly that I suck at drawing robots. Also, I want this to have my influences but not copy them completely.

Shogun Warriors started to pop up in my research and ended up rekindling an old fascination with these guys. I mean... how cool are these?

Kinda got derailed wanting to do my cards in the bright font mimicking the Shogun box. Once I drew a few it looked cool incorporating the face cards into the design but really just seemed like a novelty. Like when someone draws like, I dunno, Mario in the style of Mike Mignola or something.

Speaking of Mignola that kinda helped me get back on track. I can't draw robots very well but maybe if I go for a little more realistic yet simple approach I can get this to work. I'd really like an amalgamation of all this stuff... just tough to do.

Still, it's good stuff to look at, regardless. Just need to focus on my own look for the cards. Maybe I'll just draw some images and let the design of the actual card come second.

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